Educational grants

We administer educational grants on behalf of Yardley Educational Foundation.The deadline for applications has passed for this year.

COVID19 corona virus

The Administration Office

Up until recently, we have not paid much attention to remote working. Most of our staff are hands on and cannot work from home, and the staff at the administration office at Old Brookside enjoy coming to the office to spend time together and talk with the residents (as well as doing their work!). In accordance with government guidance, the administration office staff are working from home mostly but do call in to collect post and do other tasks. We can take calls while working at home, although we have had technical difficulties with the system. If you have left a voice mail and we have not responded, please call again or email us: the naming convention is, or email, and the message will be passed to the appropriate person, who will get back to you.

Greswold House, Grey Gables and Yardley Grange: our care homes

Our care homes continue to provide care and support for their residents and we have rigorous procedures in place to minimise the risk of transmission of infection. All relatives and close friends should have been contacted about non-essential visiting and alternatives for keeping in touch. Our staff will help residents to use mobile phones or computer tablets if required.

Following the recent publication of government guidance on enabling visits to care homes, we are considering how we can implement that guidance and ensure a rewarding visiting experience. There will be different arrangements at each home; more details can be obtained from each home manager.

Carrs Lane Gardens, Colehaven Cottages, Cottrells Close, Foliot Fields, Greswold Gardens, Old Brookside, Yardley Gardens: our housing schemes

Communal lounges on our independent housing schemes are currently closed, this will be reviewed in early December. Scheme managers will only visit residents in an emergency, but they will keep in regular contact with residents via the community alarm scheme. Routine interior repairs in dwellings will not be carried out while the emergency lasts.

We do regret the need to introduce these restrictions, but of course they are necessary in the current emergency situation. We hope that things can get back to normal before too long.

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updated Nov 20th

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