Yardley Great Trust

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Yardley Great Trust has served the community in and around Yardley for centuries: its origins lie in the fourteenth century when John de Yerdeley gave his lands for the benefit of local people in poverty. The Trust now is managed by up to fifteen Trustees who meet monthly (except August). Five of the Trustees are local Vicars, two are nominated by Birmingham City Council and the remaining eight are co-opted for their special knowledge of the area. The Trustees also administer the Charity of Job Marston, the main function of which now is to generate income for Yardley Great Trust to pay out in grants. None of the Trustees are paid for their services to the Trust.

The Chairman of Trustees for 2017/18 is Robert Jones.

Occasionally there will be a vacancy for a Trustee. At that time, we shall be looking for a person who can spare at least one afternoon per month and who is enthusiastic about helping local people in need. If you would be interested in receiving further information about becoming a Trustee, please go to our Contact Page and fill in the enquiry form there.

Trustees holding office at 31st December 2017 were:-

Iris Aylin
Andrew Bullock
Neil Eustace
Lydia GastonJoy Holt
Robert JonesJohn RichardsWilliam SandsStewart StaceyAndrew Veitch

To view historical and up to date financial and other information on Yardley Great Trust or the Charity of Job Marston , please click on the appropriate link below. This will take you to the website of the Charity Commission, which regulates charities in England and Wales.

Yardley Great Trust

Charity of Job Marston

The Trust has two committees, the Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Care and Housing Committee, both of which meet quarterly.

The Trust has five main services:-

Grants to relieve poverty.

Smaller grants can be awarded by the Clerk to the Trustees, Karen Grice. Larger grants are considered by the Trustees at their monthly meetings.

Sheltered housing for independent older people. The Housing Manager Lynn Bailey is responsible for ensuring that the Trust's residents are provided with high quality services.

Residential care for frail older people. The Care Manager, Debby Hambleton, oversees the service at our care home, Greswold House.

Nursing care (provided by Yardley Grange Care Services) The Care Manager, Maxine McMullan, oversees the nursing care service at Yardley Grange Nursing Home.

Home care The Home Care Manager, Elaine Jones, oversees the provision of domestic and personal care to people in their own homes.

The Trust's staff are led by the Chief Executive, Alan Martin.