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Grants from the Trust

The Trust pays grants aimed at relieving poverty to individuals/families and organisations.

The chart below shows how much money Trustees have paid out to relieve poverty or other needs in recent years.

We help individuals and families by providing basic essentials such as furniture, cookers and washing machines for people who cannot afford to buy them, although individuals/families cannot apply for grants direct to the Trust. Referral agents such as Neighbourhood Offices and CAB offices arrange for applications to be made to the Trust. Referral Agents click here to go to the log in page to make an application. 

Applicants - click on the link to download a list of authorised referral agencies

We also help organisations that work in the Trust area to relieve poverty or other need.

Applications from organisations must be in writing and include the following information:-

  • The aim(s) of the project
  • The client group(s) and number of anticipated clients
  • a “business plan”, or statement of anticipated progress for at least the next year, preferably three years revenue estimates for at least the next year, preferably three years
  • A statement relating to other possible sources of financial assistance and the outcome of any other grant applications

If you would like further information about applying for a grant, please contact us.